The American Sponsored Nigeria Marshall Plan Takes Action to Redirect Financial Crisis

Russell Duke

Russell Duke

Funding & Financial Stimulus to Nigeria States In Talks
Seven newly elected Governors of Nigerian States are in talks and negotiations with National Standard executives in both Africa and the United States as well as members of our financial consortium from other parts of the world for funding to stimulate their state’s troubled economies.

What does this mean for Nigerians?
• New Jobs
• Lower Public Debt Interest Rates saving taxpayer’s money
• New local projects for the community
• State’s ability to pay employees and retirement benefits
• Greater financial stability for the State
• Increased revenues to the State

If these talks and negotiations are successful, these funds would be used by the state’s to cover many uses from state to state including, pay salaries and pension benefits, refinance existing high costs local debt with lower costs long term debt and to build new economically essential projects in their states that will create jobs and increase state revenues. Several states have already received sizable funding offers (exceeding USD $200 Million per State that has received an offer) in writing for their acceptance, however as common in Nigeria, things move very slowly and completing major transactions such as these can be delayed months or even years by the political process without real cause or explanation. As such the timing for this to occur can only be determined by the local government leaders that must take action and make decisions on behalf of its citizens.

National Standard invites all Governors, government leaders, central government officials of the new administration and Nigeria’s leading bankers to also reach out to National Standard and myself personally as Chairman so that they may also participate in this financial and economic reformation of Nigeria together. Our consortium’s objective is to facilitate economic stability and growth through impact financial investing and development throughout Nigeria and all 36 Nigerian states. Governors and government leaders or their representatives who demonstrate a commitment a sincere intent to engage in cooperation with our consortium will be given the utmost priority and resources with immediate action. Our consortium is also planning a capital infusion for the local banks who need liquidity for lending and are currently working with some local banks, but we encourage other local banks to also approach us directly. Together we can return Nigeria to the financial powerhouse of Africa, but this requires true dedication, cooperation and help from the outside world as part of Globalization that Africa is yet to truly embrace. Our consortium is sending an international delegation to Abuja in the next two weeks for high level meetings to advance this economic stimulus program with our local partners and government officials throughout the country.

Subject to proper governmental support and approval, National Standard in conjunction with a currently organized global consortium of large financial institutions and funds mostly from North America are prepared to inject billions of U.S. dollars of private institutional capital at very attractive terms (below the current government borrowing interest rate) into the Nigeria government and economy in the coming months, but also for years to come with the hope of becoming a long time partner and ally to Nigeria. National Standard’s comprehensive plan includes capital for low income housing, high quality healthcare, power, education and the transmission grid system that is so urgently needed as well as transportation, agriculture and mining.

Marshall Plan

Additionally, we at National Standard intend to work with the new government leaders both at the State and central government level to partner with the government to fund the operating budget shortfalls to ensure workers are paid and the economy is stabilized and begins to strengthen as we implement our economic stimulus plan to create new jobs, improved infrastructure and increasing the country’s foreign reserve holdings which are critical for international trade.

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