Who We Are

National Standard and its managed entities make up a globally integrated organization exclusively dedicated to financing infrastructure and sovereign-sponsored projects by applying the extensive infrastructure and economic policy consulting experience of its representatives. 

National Standard is a U.S.-based privately owned financial and professional services company that receives its capital support from a mixture of large North American- and European-based financial institutions, institutional investors and investment banks which provide it with the financial tools and experience to tackle the most complex and challenging financial transactions.

National Standard serves the global sovereign, sub-sovereign, financial institutions and infrastructure financial markets as the leading go-to financial partner for cross border financial transactions.

National Standard provides long-term debt financing products, policy expertise based bespoke and best of class advisory solutions to governments, financial and banking markets and the infrastructure industry around the world in the markets it serves.

The organization, its products and its reputation are built around the unique needs of three distinct clients:

Unlike traditional banks and equity investors, National Standard is the architect of sophisticated institutional capital that supports its public sector clients’ national and geopolitical economic and infrastructure policy.

The firm accomplishes this by providing long-term, high leverage, flexible and covenant light structured debt financing to:

Complimentary to its finance products, National Standard offers its clients advisory services focussed on the creation, management and implementation of  economic and infrastructure policy initiatives at the macro and micro level on a bespoke basis.