Investment Profile

Our focus is in credit-worthy essential infrastructure assets, government sponsored debt, government treasury and central bank infrastructure and liquidity solutions and providing structured finance solutions to financial sponsors.

The firm believes the “market opportunity” for infrastructure including industrial and large scale capital projects is to provide long-term costs effective infrastructure capital into select international markets, massively under served by deleveraging international banks due to BASEL III and IV regulations, formerly the backbone within these segments. These latest set of bank regulations imposed since the 2008 financial crisis also create the need for liquidity within the global banking sector.

We work closely with a group of leading governments, corporations and progressive capital sources to provide a proprietary pipeline of high quality projects and government debt transactions.

Debt Types: Senior, unsecured, asset finance lease, revolving credit facility, structured finance product, credit linked debt

Term: 5 to 30 years

Repayment: Interest only structures and customized amortization schedules

Client Types: Government, infrastructure, banks, large corporations, financial institutions and insurance companies

Proprietary Deal Flow: Proprietary deal flow through participating governments and corporate partners

Currency: USD and Euro

Protections: Hedged inflation risk; currency, political and associated risks

Sectors: Energy, industrial, oil and gas, housing, ports, healthcare, real estate/affordable housing, education, communications, transportation, education, economic development, banking and insurance, technology infrastructure and broadband.