At National Standard, we are architects and implementation specialist of best-in-class bespoke economic, monetary, geopolitical and infrastructure initiatives via advisory solutions.

Complimentary of our financial capabilities, we advise and pilot our clients with the creation, management and implementation of national and geopolitical economic and infrastructure policy initiatives at the macro and micro level on a bespoke basis.

Our team of experts from around the world, have decades of valuable experience in working with and advising government leaders across a wide array of economic, crisis, infrastructure and geopolitical policy matters.

Unlike our law firm and consulting firm competitors, National Standard has the financial capability to also invest in and finance our policy plans of our clients; putting our money where our ideas reside and sharing the risk of our clients future.

Our policy expertise includes, but not limited to:


National Standard delivers a diverse mixture of compelling financing, liquidity programs, economic and monetary driven policy based products and solutions to sovereign, sub-sovereign, state owned enterprises, government entities and Ministries of governments across the global landscape. We are seasoned experts in the economic affairs and monetary policy of governments and because of this focus an

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National Standard structures and finances and in some instances helps to plan and develop infrastructure and real estate assets by bridging the gap between the public authorities' financing requirements and their need to deliver long-term infrastructure assets and services, with the expertise and efficiencies provided by private sector developers and private capital. A strategic player in global

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Banks & Insurance

National Standard provides a distinctive breed of sophisticated liquidity solutions to banks, multilateral institutions, central banks, non-bank financial institutions and to the insurance industry. These liquidity capabilities include direct debt financing to Treasury, loan or asset portfolio recapitalization/securitization, balance sheet refinancing, Tier 1 and Tier 2 capital, acquisitions, pay

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